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Sarah Hokom ‘Smokom’ Disc

Through a couple solid conversations and a bit of back and forth, the ‘Smokom’ came to life. Produced for Sarah Hokom as a tour fundraiser disc, this limited edition disc has been snapped up by collectors and players alike. Stamped onto various Legacy Disc molds, it is available directly from Sarah online and in-person, while supplies last.

Update – April 2017

Since this stamp was first issued, it has now been re-issued twice more. The first run disappeared into fan and collector hands as quickly as they were put up for sale. The second run was a few months after the first, on additional molds and sold out relatively quickly. In mid April of 2017, Legacy discs re-issued it for a third time on highly collectible ‘test-run’ Pinnacle plastic in the Outlaw mold. Available solely on their factory store online as a fundraiser for Sarah, it sold out in a couple hours.



Update – December 2017

In conjunction with the release of the new Legacy Aftermath, the ‘Smokom’ stamp was re-issued for a forth time. Legacy’s new high speed driver looks awesome in Icon plastic with this design.

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