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Road to San Fran – F*ck Cancer

You may know John MacDonald (PDGA # 10160) as JMac or Johnny Mac or just as a damn cool guy… regardless, this man has lived disc golf for the better part of 3 decades. If you don’t believe it, check out his knuckles and read his passion tattooed across his hands.

As a huge part of the disc golf scene in Vancouver, BC and known throughout the States as well (his current adopted home), Johnny is a man who makes you laugh and wonder in amazement as he states “It’s a Roc shot…” and then bends his shot through the trees.

Unfortunately, this amazing guy was recently told he had cancer, and the really crappy terminal kind… with a clear head, Johnny set out to knock some things off his bucket list with a road trip to San Francisco first on the list.

DRD teamed up with The Disc Cellar and presented Johnny with a stamp design and a plan. Shortly after a fundraiser was born and with some help from Innova Champion Discs two batches were created. While Johnny had just started his tour, Innova scrambled to make sure that a special box of discs were ready in time for a scheduled road stop and factory tour on Johnny’s trip. Along with a chance to stamp some discs himself, meet Sam Ferrans (pictured with Johnny below) Johnny left Innova with a box flat-top DX Rocs with his new design. These discs were his to do with as he pleased, sell along his way and funds his roadtrip. He sold out 100 discs in 12 hours.

Another box was sent to The Disc Cellar, as a secondary source of fundraising, and various hard to come by molds were put online for sale. If you’d like one of these discs (limited supply left) please go here. All proceeds go straight to Johnny.

We love you Johnny Mac.

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