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Designing Disc Golf


Disc Golf is an amazing sport for so many reasons, and it is always refreshing to see any player excel, strive for goals and take that ‘next step’ towards achieving success.

Stewart McIsack is one of those players. Relatively new and heavily involved in the scene, he elevated his game quickly and became one of Canada’s highest rated Am players. With his skills getting more refined each day, he contacted DRD with a request for a custom fundraiser stamp, but with a twist.

With his next goal being a tour including Am Worlds and (hopefully) the Beaver State Fling, Stew decided to try and see if a custom disc on some amazing molds could help lessen the blow to the budget. With a few obstacles in front of us (promoting an Amateur player through a disc being the least of them) we looked for a way to create a disc that was visually engaging, Canadian and only advertise the player in a subtle way… yet still marketable to most players/collectors.

The result is a disc that at first glance comes across as a source of motivation, a mantra, but only upon closer inspection reveals its origins as a fundraiser for a specific player (see the image below). The Inukshuk was chosen as a symbol to represent Canada, instead of a maple leaf or beaver, as we wanted to attempt to avoid any overused cliches. Additionally, many use Inukshuks as guideposts, or way markers, and that tied in nicely with the ‘direction’ Stewart is taking.

Dynamic Discs did an amazing job making sure the fine details were stamped clearly, and their plastic is incredible. With half the order being grabbed via pre-order, a small handful remain. If you’d like to get one, let us know and we can put you in contact with Stewart directly (while supplies last).

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