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Lil’ McInukshuk

Once the designs for the McInukshuk were in and approved, Stewart McIsack decided he needed to go one step further. Being a surprisingly modest individual, he wanted a stamp option that was even less ‘in-your-face’ and the decision was made to have discs made with just the Inukshuk. Thus, the Lil’ Inukshuk was born.

The only hint that this design is anything other than just a piece of art is Stewart’s tiny PDGA# in the leg.

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  1. Meagan September 19, 2017

    I don’t know if yall make and sell these discs if so I want the small inukshuk on the glow plastic disc

  2. Michael Ramanauskas September 20, 2017 — Post Author

    These were produced as a limited run fundraiser disc and are completely sold out. They went quick.

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