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Ogopogo 3

Situated high on a mountain side, overlooking Lake Okanagan, and backed by the not very small Myra Canyon, the annual Ogopogo Open was celebrating their 3rd year.

While a newer tournament, the TD (who can cook the pants off of any Chef – Go Paul!) is a very dedicated player, supporter and participant in growing the sport. With the local folklore of the Ogopogo so pervasive in all things Okanagan (Google it), it was an easy choice to riff on the local legends. The Ogopogo usually gets portrayed as a child friendly cutie monster, but the original perception was a bit darker.

Playing off that slightly less cuddly aspect, I went for a monster on the hunt. Stay out of the water kiddies.

These discs were only available as prizes and player pack items except for a few earmarked for fundraising. Stamped on hot Innova molds, a few saw flight immediately, but quite a few more got quietly slipped back into their plastic bags for a safe trip home.

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