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For those who are unfamiliar, Kastaplast is a Swedish company whose name literally means “Throw Plastic”. Being a Northern company, their products are designed with a cold, windy and wet climate in mind. With tons of built in stability in their drivers, and plastic that is grippy in all blends, you just wish the weather would turn bad so you can ignore it altoghether.

Having worked with the company before with the GMAC stamp and some other projects, I was pleasantly surprised when DoubleRam Disc was asked to create a ‘generic’ stamp for the company. With little direction, I had to come up with something that would give someone a taste of the Kastaplast world.

With the capital of Stockholm so much at the forefront, it seemed only natural to create a design based on the local landmarks and skyline.

Originally stamped as a limited release on the K1 and K3 Reko’s, due to the success of the stamp, it has now been stamped/released on additional molds including the Falk, Kaxe Z, Grym and Grym X. As of this writing these can be found at

Update – Winter 2017

The Stockholm stamp was reissued and is now carried on the Falk, Grym and Grym X molds

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