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Innova 2017 Happy Holiday Disc

While I am not generally a fan of contests, occasionally you feel the urge to put yourself out there and see what happens. In late 2017, Innova Champion Discs began their annual hunt for a Holiday Disc design, and my interest was peaked. With a total of 5 prizes to be won, I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that my design was their top choice.

Not only did my design get to be stamped on the Proto Star Firestorm, that disc was to be available to every retailer (25 discs each) and be in customers hands for the Holidays.

In addition to some new-found fame, I was also offered the opportunity to have some custom molds stamped with the winning design. So, Star Shrykes, Champ and Star Rocx3’s and Glow XT Novas also became very limited run Holiday Discs.

To further help spread the Holiday cheer, Innova put the Holiday Firestorm on the Innova Factory Store website with a small run, and as of this posts publishing date, are still available.



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