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Exobot 1 – First Contact

‘When it first appeared, there was awe and wonder. It stood amongst us, unmoving, cold, and silent. This way it remained for most of a generation. When the mute sentinel abruptly began to make it’s presence known, the world’s revelry at not being alone in the Universe came to an abrupt and terrifying end.’

The Exobot 1 is a collaboration between the DoubleRam Disc and The Disc Cellar and is the first in the series, with expectation is that there will be at least one released annually for the next several years.

What began as a random musing almost 2 years prior, finally culminated in the first DRD art series disc. Perhaps as an appeal to our future Alien Robot Overlords, or just a tongue-in-cheek reaction to an offhand comment, the design for this disc underwent more than one iteration during the process.

This design is currently in it’s first run (with hope of a second) and consists of 38 limited edition Innova Star Aviar3 that come numbered, bagged and with a header card C.O.A. signed by the artist. These limited edition molds will never be reprinted should this design again. In addition to the Aviar3, there were 20 Star Shrykes, 25 XT Novas and 20 Champ Rocx3’s produced as a regular production run and may be ran again should demand dictate a need… or a second run could be all new molds 😉

These discs are available exclusively through The Disc Cellar here while supplies last.

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