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Boomer Memorial

I was asked to create a simple yet evocative design for the loss of a local legend… I’ll let the words of the memorial events TD speak for themselves.


“Last fall, we unexpectedly lost one of the central members of our disc golf community in Burnaby, Gerry Boomer. Gerry, known more widely as “Boomer”, had been a fixture in disc golf in the lower mainland for well over 30 years, but Robert Burnaby Park was his home course. Most days you could find him enjoying a round at Robert Burnaby park (in a Hawaiian shirt regardless of weather) giving tips to new disc golfers, and trying to connect people to each other through disc golf. It was Boomer’s grassroots efforts to organize informal disc golf outings that were the foundation for what eventually would become the Burnaby Disc Golf Club.

Boomer was truly one of a kind. Those of us who knew Boomer through disc golf will remember how he always kept things interesting. That included his propensity for organizing rounds in public parks using temporary targets, the “unique” tag that corresponded with a series of these covert events, and the constant play of new layouts for our regular club rounds. It wasn’t uncommon to get a call from Boomer almost weekly, as he worked his way though his disc golf phone list, asking us to come out and join him and others for a round. ”

We’ll miss you Boomer.


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